Roku activation from

Watch different channels on your TV after completing roku activation process. You need to enter 5 digit roku activation code at Roku keeps upgrading features day by day to give better to its users.

You can change and launch your favorite channels by speaking it and also switch inputs and pause your live TV too. Your Roku link account has several benefits for you

How to activate roku device using roku link code?

  1. Use HDMI cable to connect the streaming player.
    • Connect the streaming player to the adapter.
  2. Roku device might download some software to configure the settings
    • When the software is updated then roku link code will be surely displayed on your TV.
  3. Roku activation code is 5 digit alpha numeric code that looks like “XD12G.”
    • Every devices has its own activation code. This is just an example.
    • Copy the code on notepad or any other secure place.
  4. Now, open the web browser and type
  5. Go to account section and login your roku account with valid credentials
    • If you are new to roku, then create new account
    • You need to fill in the email address you want to use and the password.
  6. In your Roku account you can see the link your device
    • Select that button and then you will be prompted to enter the activation code which is showing in your TV screen.
  7. After the activation code is successfully validated, you have to setup the PIN for your device if you want.
  8. Initially you need to add some channels to your device.
  9. Then click continue to get redirected to your Roku account.
    • Now your device has been successfully linked to your Roku account.
  10. Now click on activate button to link roku device to start watching favorite shows and web series.